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Murder suspect Tony Callihan arrested in California

CLEARLAKE, Calif. - Spokane murder suspect Tony Callihan was arrested by police in Clearlake, Calif. on Friday morning.

Clearlake is about 100 miles northwest of Sacramento.

According to Spokane police, Clearlake officers received a report of a suspicious car parked behind a grocery store. When officers arrived, they found Callihan and another male sleeping inside.

Callihan was arrested without incident; the other man was interviewed.

Callihan has been wanted by Spokane police since he was identified as a suspect in the murder of his girlfriend, Michelle Koenen, a week ago. Callihan has been driving Koenen's green 2006 Dodge Stratus. The car was impounded in Clearlake for evidence.

He was booked in the Lake County Jail for possession of a stolen vehicle and escape for community custody.

Callihan will be transported to Spokane over the weekend, where Spokane police said he will be charged with second-degree murder.

Court documents show that on Friday, Callihan admitted to an acquaintance that he had "just killed a girl."