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Murder suspect arrested in Spokane Valley

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Four murders this year in Spokane County. Four killers on the loose. Now major crimes detectives think they found at least one of them.

"Through their investigation they developed probable cause for the arrest of Shane Smith," said Sheriff's Deputy Craig Chamberlin.

Detectives say the 38-year-old Spokane Valley man shot Warren Flinn on Mother's Day, May 13. Flinn died at the hospital three days later.

"Depending on what the prosecutors office decides that will be the degree, either first or second-degree murder," said Chamberlin.


It was just after 2:15 p.m. when detectives executed a search warrant at the home. They pulled Smith and bags of evidence from his house in the 6700 block of Third Avenue.

"The investigators still have to process all the evidence they come up with here and basically continue building their case if this does go to trial," said Chamberlin.

If convicted detectives will then be able to focus on those killers still in hiding.

"Obviously a murder takes precedent over any other investigation they have going," said Chamberlin.

That includes the person who killed Kala Williams. Her body was also found on Mother's Day in a wooded area of Southwest Spokane.

Sharlotte McGill's killer hasn't been found. She was stabbed to death May 3 near the Spokane River at South Riverton and Magnolia.

And the longest murder investigation this year is that of Kim Schmidt. She was shot to death in her home in North Spokane. The scene was staged to look like a suicide.

Four murders this year, one that much closer to being solved.