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Mt. Spokane getting ready for White Friday

MT. SPOKANE, Wash. - While the temperatures have started to drop but show hasn't just yet, Mt. Spokane is busy preparing for ski season with a lodge expansion project.

Winter's knocking on the door at Mt. Spokane, and when it opens to skiers and snowboarders in a few weeks they will be enjoying the lodge expansion, which will add 1,200 square feet and seating room for 100 people.

"It's a pretty significant event," Kristen Whitaker with Mt. Spokane said. "We don't do updates like this to the facilities often; in fact this is the first major upgrade since the 1980s."

Mt. Spokane

The new addition will look nothing like the 80s. Expect a modern look with wood beams, new siding and garage doors that open up.

"We got a brand new deck so you can still enjoy those beers and burgers on the deck in the spring," Whitaker said.

Over the summer, the entire ski lodge got a little sprucing with a fresh coat of paint and upgrades were made over in the rental shop.

"We are really proud to be able to tell our guests that we are expanding our facilities, we are offering a great place to hang out and ski and enjoy your day," said Whitaker.

Coming on the heels of the lodge expansion, Mt. Spokane is working on its backside terrain expansion project which, when completed, would bring seven new runs and a new chairlift to the backside of the mountain.

Mt. Spokane hopes to open the day after Thanksgiving, which they of course dub White Friday.