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Mother speaks about son's kidnapping

Mother speaks about son's kidnapping

SPOKANE, Wash. - The mother of the kidnapped boy spoke exclusively to KXLY4 on the events that may have led to her 2-year-old boy's disappearance.

Around 3 a.m. on Wednesday, the boy ended up in the hands of 55-year-old Richard Welch 11 miles from his North Spokane home.

The boy's mother, who only wants to be identified as Jennifer, talked to KXLY4 off-camera about how it could have happened.

Jennifer says their son was sleeping in a bean bag three feet from her bed when she and her husband heard a knock on the door. She said her husband shrugged it off because of the late hour. She said she believes the toddler got out of bed, went to the door and opened it. Jennifer isn't sure if it was Welch who was at the door, and she adds she asked her neighbors if anyone knocked on their door, but they said "no."

Welch was arrested and charged with first-degree kidnapping with sexual motivation. He allegedly took the boy to his Airway Heights motel room.

"I saw what looked like a little kid on the corner of Lincoln and Wellesley," Welch said in a jail house interview. "Instead of worrying about myself, I was concerned for the kid outside. I made a u-turn, came back, and asked him where his parents were. Where did they live? He didn't give me no answers for nothing."

Welch admits he and the boy were at the All Seasons Motel for just five minutes. It's unclear what happened in that time, but Welch claims he gave the boy milk and cookies and denies any sexual activity.

"I didn't do no sexual to no little kid," Welch said.

Welch said he ended up taking the boy to a nearby Zip Trip, Where he handed him over to an employee.

He called police to report the child and was arrested shortly after. Welch was suppose to make his first court appearance Thursday, but refused. He'll be in court on Friday.