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More discussions before County says "I Do" to Green Bluff weddings

GREEN BLUFF, Wash. - Green Bluff Weddings

The debate over weddings in Green Bluff ended up in a county commissioner board room Monday.

The Spokane County code does not permit weddings in small, tract agriculture zones but properties have been getting around that by claiming the weddings they host are part of their seasonal harvest events intended to help sell their agriculture product.

It's that disparity -- and a dispute over a noise curfew -- that has people divided over the issue.

Neighbors who don't have events or weddings on their property understand what they do for the local farm community but they would like a more clear set of rules and see them enforced.

"We want to preserve the farming aspect, not get it taken over by the commercial or entertainment area," Marianne Wilkes said.

Monday it was decided more meetings were necessary to discuss the issue. Any change to the code wouldn't just affect Green Bluff but all of Spokane County.