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Monday's air quality worst in two years

SPOKANE, Wash. - Wildfires and wind caused a thick cloud of smoke to blow into Spokane on Monday night. Even though the fires were miles away, it still affected the area's air quality.

Employees of the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency said they kept a close eye on Monday's air quality. They said yesterdays air levels were the worst they had seen in nearly two years.

"Yesterday you could see it. You could smell it. Even this morning we woke up to smelling the smoke," said clean air agency employee Lisa Woodard,

Monday's air quality worst in two years

Woodard said the air quality was officially unhealthy on Monday. She said the amount of particles from the wildfires North of Spokane mixed with dust coming from the south was four times higher than usual.

Those particles could potentially scar or damage residents lungs. Even healthy people should not do an extensive exercise in condition like on Monday because they air isn't good to breath. Woodard also said people with heart of lung conditions should be prepared.

"Rather than wait for a day like yesterday to happen, you should already have a plan in place with your health care provider," said Woodard.

Due to the weather changes, Woodard said the air should be cleaner within a couple days.