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Mom searching for disabled son's stolen tricycle

Mom searching for disabled son's stolen tricycle

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - One Spokane Valley mother is on a mission to get her disabled son's stolen tricycle back and is looking to the community to help her out.

Leisa Eining was shocked when she went to her garage Tuesday morning and her son's trike was no where in sight.

"It's just so irritating that it is just gone," Eining said.

Eining's 17-year-old son Manny is disabled and uses this trike as a way to exercise.

"It was made for disabled people because it has straps on the pedals and straps that go around his waist," Eining said.

For six years Manny has ridden the bike around the apartment complex where he lives.

"Having the bike, it makes him put his legs together more and strengthens him that way," Eining said.

Eining says sometime between Monday morning and early Tuesday, the bike was stolen from her locked garage.

"I was putting flyers all around the apartment complex right away, going why did you take a disabled boy's bike?" Eining asked.

Years ago, the trike was given to Manny as a gift from the Rotary Club. At $1,500, the bike's too expensive to replace. 

"I don't have the money to do it, maybe over a period of time," Eining said.

In the meantime, Eining is using a no-cost method by putting up flyers, spreading the word and appealing to whoever took the bike.

"I would just be happy to have it back, if they want to just drop it off that's fine," Eining said.

The modified tricycle is red with black trim and has a large basket on the back. If you have seen this trike or know anything about its disappearance you're asked to Crime Check at 456-2233.