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Mistrial declared in Schur murder case

A mistrial has been declared after a jury failed to reach a consensus on murder and kidnapping charges Daniel Lazcano was facing for the killing of Marcus Schur.

After 14 hours of deliberations the jury was hung on murder and kidnapping charges leveled against Daniel Lazcano for the slaying of Schur, 23, of Rosalia, whose body was found in a creek that feeds into Bonnie Lake in March 2012.

They did, however, find him guilty on a charge of illegal disposal of human remains.

Whitman Co. Sheriff's deputies suspected that the murder occurred outside a home in Malden on Dec. 27, 2011, and was allegedly committed by Daniel Lazcano of Spokane and his brother, Frank Lazcano of Pine City.

Travis Carlon, a relative of the Lazcanos, was arrested for rendering criminal assistance while a fourth man, Eli Lindsey, was arrested for disposing of evidence related to Schur's killing.

Evan Ellis / KQQQ Radio contributed to this report