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Minister helps police bust burglar

Minister helps police bust burglar

SPOKANE, Wash. - On Sundays, Jack Johnston serves his community as a minister at Life Center Church. On Tuesday, however, he served his community by tracking down and helping police arrest a would-be burglar.

Jack Johnston is a muscular minister who blends his faith and physique to steer young people down the right path,

"I'm just very active in the ministry at Life Center Church and I run a muscle ministry for kids ages 18 up to 30. You know I try to get them active spiritually, physically and mentally, and improve their lives and keep them away from drugs and other bad things," Johnston said.

Tuesday however, he used some impressive detective work to help police put a convicted felon in jail.

Witnesses say a man police later identified as Lelbert Williams was using a screwdriver to pry his way into anything hanging on a hinge.

"So I came down and saw the door was open but it had these pry marks on it and stuff so I went through it real quick to make sure nobody was in there. and I thought, this guy could possibly still be in the neighborhood," Johnston said.

So Johnston set out to see if he could find the suspect and checked a vacant house just down the street.

"I stopped to take a quick peek at that and I saw a guy back there jimmying a door of a storage facility and I yelled at him and he panicked and he grabbed his duffle bags and started huffing it up the hill," Johnston said.

Johnston then dialed 911 and began chasing Williams over backyard fences in the Finch Arboretum neighborhood.  He pursued Williams at a distance, stayed on the phone with dispatchers and gave them a good description of the suspect. Arriving officers had no trouble finding Williams and taking him into custody.

"Yes I stayed on him pretty good as best as I could and when the police came in I told him what was going on," Johnston added.

Arriving patrol officers arrested Williams, 42, on four burglary charges. Williams has 12 previous felony convictions.

Drugs apparently are the driving force behind these burglaries. Williams told KXLY he had been given some bad heroin and that he wasn't breaking into homes as much as he was hiding from people who were chasing him.