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Military Warrior Support Foundation presents vet keys to new home

Military Warrior Support Foundation presents vet keys to new home

SPOKANE, Wash. - Christopher Adkins served in the Army for 10 years and was seriously injured by an improvised explosive device, and on Friday the former staff sergeant was given a big thank you for his service in the form of a mortgage-free house.

"I know I got hurt and I know I deployed but I didn't really think I deserved it," Adkins said.

Adkins and his fiancee Lacey Reeves pulled into their new home for the first time Friday morning, a long trip to Spokane that also involved a long road to recovery. He's healed from the wounds he sustained, both physical and mental, thanks to the Military Warrior Support Foundation and Bank of America.

And on Friday morning he was handed the keys to the house he, his fiancee and his three children will soon call home.

"Even now, we're standing in the house, this can't be true," he said.

A place to call their own in northwest Spokane, a far cry from the three bedroom apartment he and Lacey share with his mother back home in Auburn.

"She's kind of like my rock she kind of holds me together. So to be able to have something like this and to be able to give this to her and to have a place to call home for her and my family, that's all I could ask for," Adkins said about his fiancee.

Thomas Dixon represents Military Warrior Support Foundation here in our area. A Vietnam veteran himself he remembers all to well how he and other fellow servicemen were treated when they got back to the state.

"It is something that I don't want our warriors today to go through," Dixon said.

Thanks to vets like Dixon, vets like Chris Adkins don't have to.

"The house is amazing, there is enough room for everybody, you know not everybody is on top of each other, I can send the kids outside to play," Adkins said.