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Memorial held for Fairchild airmen

SPOKANE, Wash. - Fellow airmen and friends filled the INB Performing Arts Center to honor the memories of Captains Tyler Voss, Victoria Pinckney and Tech Sergeant Tre Mackey. The three were killed in a KC-135 crash on May 3 in Kyrgyzstan,

Voss's mother, Marcelle Voss, took to the podium to give a short but poignant speech.

"Thank you for honoring us, their families," she said.

She mentioned three lessons that could be learned from her son. The first lesson she said was to live life to the fullest. Everyone who knew Voss agreed he did just that.

Fairchild Memorial

"He followed his passions and he lived his dream, as a child he dreamed of being a pilot and it was in elementary school that he set his sights on the air force academy," Voss said.

The second lesson was to always help others. The third, she says the family was happy to know that Tyler was prepared to meet his maker.

"When nothing about this accident looked good and when thins seemed to be out of control we could trust that God is good and that he is sovereign, that he is in control and he has a plan to bring good from this situation," she said.

In addition to the memories and sadness, laughter also filled the auditorium, as a friend of Pinkcney's, Captain Ashly Barnes, recalled her time on the rugby team with her.

"Behind that infectious smile was a woman who knew what she wanted in life, and was willing to put in the blood, sweat and tears to get it. Even if it meant she had to open-field tackle a girl who was twice her size, who had had, like, a five o'clock shadow," Barnes said with laughter.

The laughter continued as Staff Sergeant Ben Davis recalled stories from a time when Technical Sergeant Tre Mackey was stationed in Las Vegas.

"Of course when I heard these stories my jaw dropped. I started hearing that Tre is settling down, Tre is getting married, Tre is having a baby," said Davis.

Lessons and laughter. It's how we would all like to be remembered, and it's why these three will never be forgotten.

"We will see you again, my friend, until then I wish you blue skies," said Captain Barnes.

The mayor also declared today a day of remembrance for the three airmen and placed a plaque with that proclamation at their battleground crosses on stage.