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Mead student hit by SUV, suffers minor injuries

SPOKANE, Wash. - A 15-year-old girl struck by an SUV on her way to school in Mead Tuesday morning has local law enforcement saying this close call was a reminder for everyone to be safe on the road.

The teen suffered only minor injuries after she was hit at the intersection of East Hastings Road and North Normandie Street around 8 a.m.

The weather is getting better each day as winter gives way to spring, which means kids will be out and about more and more. Police want to remind drivers and pedestrians to do their part in keeping tragedy off our streets this spring.

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"Its starting to get nice, we're going to have more pedestrian and bicyclist traffic out there," Spokane County Sherrif's Deputy Craig Chaimberlin said.

Too often scenes like the one in front of Mead High School Tuesday morning end much differently.

"At a marked crosswalk, or any intersection in Spokane County, people need to know that it is actually a crosswalk area, it doesn't have to have these nice neon signs with the markings on the roadway," Chamberlin said.

That includes T intersections and roundabouts. There are more specific rules about when to remain stopped depending on what kind of road you're on but its always best to air on the side of caution..

That message applies to the pedestrian as well.

"For instance this intersection right here, there are no pedestrian control devices telling you to walk, don't walk, so you have to wait until there's a natural, safe void in traffic before you can enter the roadway," Chamberlin said.