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Man tased at gym had previous violent outbreak

SPOKANE, Wash. - 20480596

It appears the man tased by Spokane sheriff's deputies has a history of erratic and out of control behavior.

On Monday, the owner of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu said Will Berger, the man tased by deputies, signed up for classes at his north Spokane gym.

On Tuesday, gym owner Bart Smith said Berger showed up to take a class and half way through he started acting bizarre.

"Then out of no where he runs over and tips over the garbage can and starts laying in the garbage, breathing heavy like this, sweating bullets," Smith said.

"I'm like are you okay man what's going on?" he added.

Smith said Berger then ran into the bathroom and started undressing.  He said Berger also punched a wall.  Smith and four others then broke down the door and hog tied him with duct tape.

"We pinned him down and he was really combative, trying to bite.  He was screaming obscenities, all you can think of  and just acting like he was completely losing his mind," Smith said.

Smith said more than a dozen police officers responded and then Berger was taken by ambulance to a local hospital for mental evaluation.

"Obviously wasn't long enough because 48 hours later he's back at it," Smith added.

"What lessons do you take away from this?  It seems like some people really dropped the ball on this guy," Smith said.