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Man arrested for burglary, threatening woman with replica rifle

Suspect walked through neighborhood telling people he was a police officer

Man arrested for burglary, threatening woman with replica rifle

SPOKANE, Wash. - Police have arrested a man after he allegedly burglarized a home, threatened a woman and told people he was a police officer.

Police responded to the area of 8900 N. Colton Wednesday evening around 7:30 after receiving reports a person was carrying what appeared to be a rifle and telling people he was a police officer.

Dillon Wood was outside barbecuing at the Cedar Meadows Apartment complex when he first noticed the suspect, later identified as 18-year-old Anthony Brower.

"I seen him duck into my neighbor's apartment, and I just seen him run back out, I noticed all the little kids out here," Wood said.

Brower made up an elaborate story about why he was there.

"He claimed to be in the area doing what he called a big drug bust, several complainants didn't believe the gun to be real and didn't believe he was a real police officer," Spokane Police Captain Dan Torok said.

Police say the man also burglarized an apartment and threatened a woman.

"He approached this lady and said hang onto my bike and I'll get a hold of you later to get it back and if you don't I will put a bullet into your head," Torok said.

Officers responded to the apartment complex after multiple calls from concerned citizens about Brower's suspicious activities. They quickly located Brower, took him into custody for residential burglary and felony harassment.

During his first appearance in court Thursday Brower's bond was set at $30,000.