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Local pot shop gives away free medical marijuana, faces fine

Local pot shop gives away free medical marijuana, faces fine

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. - A local pot shop kicked off a marijuana giveaway Wednesday, offering $36,000 of free weed to medical cardholders, but they could be facing a fine because of local news coverage.

The free weed event started when 4:20 Friendly opened Wednesday morning. Just several hours later, half the store's 180 ounces of free medical marijuana were gone. The store also signed people up for medical cards outside.

The store's owner says she originally wasn't going to sign up cardholders, but they had medical consultants on available, and an influx of customers looking for the service.

4:20 Friendly says it wanted to give the weed away to help customers who can't afford their medical marijuana.

"I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to have patients coming in saying thank you, they weren't sure how they were going to get through the holidays," Owner Carol Ehrhart said.

And customers certainly appreciated the service.

"It's a blessing, I mean I'm so ecstatic I can't even believe it, it's crazy. These people are helping so many people right now who wouldn't be able to get it otherwise, or who wouldn't be able to get as much," said Chrsitopher Bunch, who received one ounce of free marijuana.

The event is legal, but the store could be facing a fine from the Washington Liquor & Cannabis Board because of a story that ran on KXLY 4 News Tuesday evening.

According to Senate Bill 5052, retailers can give medical marijuana for free, but they can't advertise. Since 4:20 Friendly reached out to KXLY on Facebook, the board considers our story an advertisement.

It's unknown if the shop will actually be fined. If they are, the owners of 4:20 Friendly say they plan to fight it