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Local linemen ship out to help with Sandy damage

FAIRCHILD AIR FORCE BASE, Wash. - Local linemen will soon be on the East Coast to help restore power to millions of homes affected by superstorm Sandy.

The Bonneville Power Administration is sending 19 linemen and 14 utility trucks to help with the recovery efforts.

"It's our job," linemen Kurk Shriver said.

"There's people out of power and we can go help them and bring the quality of life back to their area and that's what we do," he said.

Local linemen ship out to help with Sandy damage

To get the linemen and equipment back east quickly, Fairchild Air Force Base spent all of Friday night and Saturday morning organizing and loading gear onto a C-5. The cargo plane is the largest aircraft in the Air Force fleet.

"This will be a first.  It's a team effort and we wouldn't be helping the people of New York if they weren't here helping us so everyone is working together to do what needs to be done," Shriver said.

The linemen may be working to restore power on the east coast for up to two months.  That could mean spending the holidays away from family, a sacrifice they are willing to make to get the job done.

"Honestly a little scared, a little sad to see him go," Mary Beth Evans said.

Evans' husband, Jarad, volunteered to go without hesitation.

"Those guys are, they go wherever, they work in all sorts of weather, they do whatever is needed so they are a tough crew and we love em' and praying them there and back safe," Evans said.

In all it will take three cargo planes to get all of BPA's equipment to the East Coast.