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Local company rolling out New Mexico Bowl shirts

SPOKANE, Wash. - WSU t-shirts vo

The WSU football team is heading to the New Mexico Bowl later this month to take on Colorado State University, a local company is hoping to excite the WSU fan base with a t-shirt.

Zome Design is printing off two shirts for Cougar fans. One looks like a classic WSU football shirt and the other more of a New Mexico Bowl style with both WSU and Colorado State logos.

Owner Zane Troester is a Cougar fan that -- like many -- have waited a decade for this moment.

"I can tell you there are some Cougar fans that are starved to celebrate this. We're hoping there's a lot of them," Troester said.

Zome started printing the t-shirts Tuesday morning; they don't have a set number to print, it all depends on demand, but Troester said it can be lucrative when teams go far and do well.

"When the Cougars went to the Rose Bowl, those things can be worth a quarter of a million to a million dollars for a business. The Holiday Bowl, even though that was a disappointing year, back then it was made into a big thing. Tried to make it a happy thing, that did over $100,000," Troester said.