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Local businesses prep for Small Business Saturday

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Local businesses prep for Small Business Saturday

Local businesses are trying to get a jump start on their competition as holiday shopping starts this week. They're also hoping you'll shop local over the next month.

"This is a family operated business, with my wife, myself, and my daughter," Mike Conway said.

Conway has been the owner and winemaker of Latah Creek Winery for 31 years. He was proud of the local support during their Holiday Winefest this past weekend, especially after liquor superstore Total Wine opened just down the road.

"We were (at Total Wine) Friday night pouring for them and found a lot of our customers up there, but they come back here and buy which is what I appreciate," he said.

Even with the store's opening, Latah Creek made more money Saturday than any other Saturday in three years.

"I anticipate that we may see more traffic here because of it. Just people passing by, see that we're here, and we'll certainly promote the fact that this is an actual winery," Conway said.

Conway gave thanks to loyal customers like the Leiningers, who pride themselves on buying local.

"I was raised that way, there are some amazing talented people here in Spokane. They make great food, great wine, a great community," Jack Leininger said.

Conway believes in buying local too. At the Winefest, many of the non-wine related items are from the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene area.

"We support the community, and we're able to do that because people support us," Conway said.

Many small businesses will try to entice new customers next weekend during Small Business Saturday.