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Local Army Reserve soldiers welcomed home

Local Army Reserve soldiers welcomed home

SPOKANE, Wash. - After a nearly year-long deployment to Afghanistan, 60 U.S. Army Reserve soldiers returned to the Inland Northwest.

"Oh my gosh, I am so anxious," Jacquie Byrd, who's husband returned home, said.

Just before 1 p.m. on Friday, the soldiers arrived in Spokane, greeted with screams, smiles and signs.

"I was so thrilled, and just overwhelmed with happiness," Jacquie said.

"It kind of feels surreal. It doesn't feel real right now. I think it will sink in a little later, but right now it's a dream," Jacquie's husband, Joshua, said.

There were lots of hugs, tears, and cheers as the military families reunited.

"It was a huge rush of emotions, so happy to be back. I missed them and they look the same, and they look different because you know things change," James Corey, who just returned home, said.

Corey and his fellow soldiers are part of the 455th Engineer Company in Hayden, Idaho. They deployed last August.

"It's our job to make the battlefield safer for those around us,"Corey said.

These soldiers have made big sacrifices for our country but they're sure glad to be back on U.S. soil.

"You get that feeling that you never want to leave again," Corey said.