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Lincoln County bus driver arrested for child rape

Lincoln County bus driver arrested for child rape

DAVENPORT, Wash. - A Lincoln County man who works as a bus driver for the Davenport School District is under arrest, charged with child rape, molestation and incest. He is on leave from the district, but the allegations do not involve students and did not take place on school district property.

Lincoln County deputies arrested 54-year old Daniel Abell last Wednesday at his home. Deputies were initially called because his wife worried he might be suicidal. When they arrived the home, deputies say Abell immediately started referencing a criminal investigation.

According to court documents, Abell told the deputy, "You can do a lot of good things in your life, but then you do something that takes that life away- what's the point of going on?"

Abell then asked the deputy if he could bring his wallet to jail, even though the deputy had not made any mention of a crime. When asked if he committed a crime, Abell said, "I have transgressed the law, that would be safe to say."

KXLY4 is choosing not to report specifics of the case, as not to identify the alleged victims. But, court documents show the two are family members and that they say the abuse went on for "quite some time."

Abell told investigators he needed to turn himself in for "having a sexually inappropriate relationship with [the victims]."

None of the acts are alleged to have taken place as part of Abell's role as a bus driver. Davenport Superintendent Jim Kowalkowski said the district has been cooperating with the investigation and that his heart goes out to the alleged victims in the case.

Abell is being held in the Lincoln County jail on a $75,000 bond. He's scheduled to enter a plea to the charges Tuesday morning.

If convicted, he faces up to life in prison.