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LETEM Play helps bring music to high school students

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Two high school students from Spokane Valley are working to get more kids into music by starting a non-profit organization to get instruments into the hands of kids who can't afford them.

Katy Dolan and Philip Howard love music and helping people so they started a non profit that combines the two.

"It was really a brainstorming session on the bus one day. I think this can work. It has a lot of potential. We can do it," Howard said.

LETEM Play video

"No kid should have to forsake music just because they're not as financially well off as another kid in the band. It was something unfair we figured we could fix," Dolan added.

So they created LETEM Play. LETEM stands for Life Enhancement through Education in Music.

Dolan, Howard and Let 'Em Play collect used musical instruments and supplies from the public, get them fixed for free at Amends Music, and then give them to kids in the community who need them.

Howard runs the website letem.org, where you can donate money, instruments and fill an application to receive an instrument. Donations to the non-profit are tax deductible.

The Central Valley High School juniors hope to collect 15 instruments this month, and they say their cause has been a great experience.