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Landslide reroutes residents for months

Landslide has residents taking back...

COLVILLE, Wash. - A landslide has blocked access to Deadman Creek Road near Kettle Falls for month.

Several slides have given way since things began shifting back in March. The latest slide stopped just feet from destroying a home.

And residents said they're sick of taking a detour through a primitive back road.

Crews said this is one of the worst washouts they've seen. And they're racing against the clock to get it cleaned as fast as they can.

For a week now, Matthew Chua has been trying to figure out what he's going to do with his backyard.

“It did a lot of damage,” Chua said. “We lost a lot of fruit trees and all the years of the gardening that we did over there. It's different, but you know, we got to deal with it.”

Much of his property is buried somewhere under this pile of mud and debris. While crews are clearing the road, how his property will get cleared remains a mystery.

“This is their second day and it doesn't look like anything and most of the landslide is on our property,” he said.

In Ferry County, a lot of questions have gone unanswered.

This landslide happened nearly three months ago, but cleanup is just now underway.

The county said that's because since this whole thing began, it hasn't been safe for workers to access Deadman Creek Road.

“When this started happening, we fought it for a long time, and it just kept getting more dangerous for the crews and safety was the number one issue. We pulled our guys off of here because of safety reasons,” said Ferry County Maintenance Coordinator Ron Charlton.

Since then, people in the area have had to take this primitive road, part of which travels through the Colville National Forest.

The work is expected to wrap up next week, but those who live in the area fear that won't be the end.