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Labor Day campers enjoying moderate temps

Labor Day campers enjoying moderate temps

SPOKANE, Wash. - Labor Day is one of the last big camping weekends of summer, and over at Riverside State Park late season campers spent this holiday enjoying more reasonable temperatures.

July and August were the hottest months on record for the Spokane area, but that didn't keep people out of the Bowl and Pitcher campground at Riverside State Park.

"School starts back up and it's like school work and no more camping," Samantha Theabold said as she helped her family pack up their campsite.

They come down each year from British Columbia and, like a lot of other folks at the park, they enjoy the fact that Riverside State Park is close to town, beautiful, and relatively inexpensive.

Christopher Guidotti is one of a dwindling number of park rangers in Eastern Washington. Budget cuts mean volunteers are doing more at campgrounds and other recreational areas and that's good news because, despite the hot temperatures and campfire bans, Discover Pass sales are up seven percent this year.

And just because its Labor Day Guidotti says there is still plenty of great camping ahead.

"The spring and fall are probably the best times of year if you are a mountain biker or you like to hike," he said. "The weather is cooler, the weather is still generally good, so we see a lot of activity in September and again it kind of moves away from the water and back into the trails and campgrounds and places like that."