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Knezovich sends letter demanding Shea be censured

Knezovich sends letter demanding Shea be censured

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich sent another, strongly worded letter to Spokane County GOP officials asking them to censure Washington State Representative Matt Shea.

"Since 2011, Representative Shea has attacked the Sheriff's Office on several different occasions," Knezovich writes in the letter. "His attacks have been open and public. These attacks have led to our deputies receiving death threats based on the warped narrative Representative Shea has given the public concerning these events. These attacks have intensified over the past two years."

The letter was addressed to Susan Wilmoth, State Committeewoman for the Spokane County Republican Central Committee. Knezovich told KXLY 4 that he also plans to send the letter to Dave Moore, Chairman of the Spokane GOP, and Mike Volz, State Committeeman for the Spokane GOP.

Sheriff Knezovich first requested Shea be censured on Sept. 21. If the party didn't comply, Knezovich said he would pull his support for any Republican candidate who supports Shea.

This recent feud stems from comments Shea said on his podcast, Patriot Radio. On the Aug. 15 episode, Rep. Shea said "There were rumors that Roy Murry was somehow connected to Ozzie Knezovich and the sheriff's department. Somebody that is in jail right now, charged with a triple homicide, a gun traces back to a sheriff's deputy."

Roy Murry, a former Spokane County Sheriff's Office volunteer, was arrested for a triple homicide in Colbert, Wash. last year.

This latest clash between Knezovich and Shea is far from the first. In the letter, Knezovich lists numerous events in which Shea politically attacked the Spokane County Sheriff's Office.

"At a time when law enforcement is under attack from media and activists, Representative Shea has chosen to join in this attack by making these false claims," Knezovich said in the letter. "These types of claims have an effect of causing our public to doubt and question the credibility of their peace officers. Sadly as a result of these continual attacks on the credibility of law enforcement, we have police offices [sic] and deputies being assassinated across our great Nation."

You can read Knezovich's letter here.