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Kidnapping of Nicki: 21 Years Later

SPOKANE, Wash. - It's been 21 years since the child kidnapping case that claimed the lives of two Spokane girls.

Nicki Wood and Rebecca West were abducted by a man who had been offering kids candy in their West Central neighborhood. Nicki's body was found beneath a burning pile of pine needles during Firestorm 1991. Rebecca has never been found.

Their deaths prompted the West Central community to open the city's first police substation. Now 21 years later, there are a dozen cop shops around town.

On a chilly October afternoon, Dan Wood remembers his little girl.

Kidnapping Anniversary: 21 Years Later

"She just brought us so much joy and then it just left a big void," Wood said.

Dan only got to see Nicki celebrate 11 birthdays. Today she would be 32.

"Instead of bouncing grandchildren on my knee, I get to come out here," Wood said.

While time slowly heals the wounds, Wood hasn't stopped grieving.

"There's still scar tissue and you just don't get over it," Wood said.

Six years after Nicki and Rebecca's death, Michael Tarbert was convicted of killing them. Tarbert could be released as early as 2014.

"I just hope he comes around someday and he has a change of heart, because I have nothing but pity from him, rather than being angry I pity him," Wood said.