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Jury selection begins in Starbuck murder case

DEER PARK, Wash. - Jury selection began Monday for Clay Starbuck. Starbuck is suspected of killing his ex-wife in 2010 and timing the murder so that the other men she was seeing would get blamed for the homicide.

There are several pieces of the case the jury will not hear during the trial. According to the defense, the judge has barred testimony about the several men Chanin Starbuck was dating at the time she was murdered, and that Clay believes one of those suitors is the real killer.

The defense also claims an adult toy left in the victim's body was not tested by the crime lab for DNA, and that that biological evidence found with Chanin does not match Clay.


Clay Starbuck's children meanwhile believe there dad is facing an unfair trial in a cast that hasn't been fully investigated.

Monday some 75 prospective jurors filled out a questionnaire for the court. They are not being asked if they have ever heard of the Starbuck case, just whether they have seen too many news reports to prevent them from reaching a fair judgment