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Judge rejects Starbuck bail request

SPOKANE, Wash. - A judge has rejected a murder suspect's appeal to lower his bail so he could get out of jail and go home on electronic monitoring.

Tuesday morning Clay Starbuck, who is accused of killing his ex-wife Chanin Starbuck, made his case to have his $1 Million bond reduced; if he could post bail he was hoping to be released from jail and be tracked with an electronic monitoring bracelet.

Stephen Conway, Chanin's brother, flew across the country from Florida to be in Spokane Superior Court Tuesday morning to make the case for keeping his ex-brother-in-law behind bars.

Starbuck bail denied

"I feel that he is a flight risk," Conway said.

Defense attorneys made the case that Starbuck had no prior criminal history, and that the electronic home monitoring would ensure he stay at home as well as assure community safety. They added that Starbuck's mother indicated her willingness to move to the Spokane area to help keep an eye on her son.

Prosecutors laid out their reasons that Starbuck be kept in jail, including a recorded conversation between him and his sister, which revealed he shared information with his son through her in violation of a no contact order. They also mentioned that Starbuck's pilot's license would make it easier for him to flee from the area.

After hearing both sides, the judge presiding over the hearing decided to strike down the defense's request to reduce bail from $1 Million to $250,000, saying the request was without merit.

The decision was a relief for Chanin's family.

"I was extremely happy. I haven't been this happy since he was arrested. This is going to be a great Christmas for our family," Conway said.

Clay Starbuck's murder trial is scheduled to begin in May.