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Is Main getting a makeover?

Is Main getting a makeover?

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane City Council has developed a potential plan to turn Main Avenue into a much more pedestrian-friendly two lane road from downtown to the University District.

"This looks like a highway in the middle of downtown,"said Luigi's Owner Marty Hogberg, who has been on Main since his iconic restaurant opened 29 years ago.

"You know, you see people going by, it's a 30 mph I believe. Maybe 25. They're going 35-40 and they're rushing by all these businesses,” said Hogberg. “I think if it was a 2 lane, people would slow down and see what's going on."

The plan, for now, is to include a bike lane along the north side of the street along with trees to act as buffers between pedestrians and vehicle traffic. Parking will still be available on either side of Main Avenue - but while it appears the city is well on their way to making this proposal a reality - our current City Council President reminds us it will be a while.

"I won't be City Council President when we cut the ribbon on that," said Ben Stuckart. "I'm thinking 2023 is what we're really shooting for to get that built."