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Investigators search river for McGill murder evidence

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane County dive teams searched the Spokane River Tuesday from more clues in the killing of Sharlotte McGill.

McGill, 55, was stabbed to death in May while walking her dog along South Riverton Street, just upstream of Mission Park. Police said that's where 17-year-old Avondre Graham allegedly attacked a jogger on September 13th.

Detectives believe Graham did not want to get caught with a bloody murder weapon and may have tossed it into the water. Prosecutors said they would hope that knife would match McGill's stab wounds.

Investigators search river for McGill murder evidence

Investigators also said they want to find the clothing that Graham was wearing when he was chased into the river after his most recent attack. Police said Graham had trouble swimming so he stripped off his black hooded sweatshirt. Detectives wonder if that sweatshirt could be the same one McGill said her attacker was wearing.

Tuesday was the 3rd time Spokane Sheriff's Deputies have searched the river for evidence.