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Inmates make crafts to raise money for Spokane boy

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. - Inmates make crafts to raise money for Spokane boy

Idaho inmates are staying busy behind bars by crocheting hats, scarfs and baby blankets to raise money for a Spokane boy born without arms.

Earlier this summer, inmates at the Idaho Corrections Center in Orofino watched a story about Jameson Davis and knew they needed to help.

Jameson was born without arms or hands and will soon be fitted for myoelectric arms. The arms however are pricey, about $100-thousand dollars, and that's why donations are so crucial.

After getting permission from the warden, the inmates started crocheting. One of the inmates moms, Terese Porter picked up the handmade blankets and hats and is now selling them in Airway Heights.

"They are actively doing things for other people and when they see something on the news that touches their heart, they jump right into it," said Terese Porter.

"I'm a firm believer nobody is a bad person they just make bad decisions," said Porter.

So far, Porter and the inmates have raised more than $200 for Jameson. If you'd like to help out, Porter will be selling the hats and scarfs tomorrow in the parking lot of the Buckhorn Restaurant in Airway Heights.