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Inland Northwest Blood Center in need of donations

Inland Northwest Blood Center in need...

SPOKANE, Wash. - Late Sunday night the Inland Northwest Blood Center sent 55 units of blood to their sister center in Las Vegas. Monday, they are dealing with heavy traffic from people looking to make a difference.

Cassandra Doyle is one of them. She hasn't donated blood in seven years but felt compelled to go out and do her share after seeing images from Las Vegas Monday morning. Who says she hasn't donated in seven years

“You feel helpless,” explained Doyle. “So what do you do? You sit at home and think, how can I help? And donating blood is the best way to help.”

One whole donation, or unit, can save three lives; but the Inland Northwest Blood Center wants to make it clear, donations today may not go directly to Las Vegas.

“During tragedy, its the blood on the shelves that is saving lives,” said Tesia Hummer with the Inland Northwest Blood Center.

When you donate, it can take two days for blood to be tested so it can safely enter the blood supply.

“Now people who donate today, we are working to replenish the supply to make sure blood is available in our community and for Vegas, and ensure that in case a tragedy like this or even a fraction of this happens somewhere else, that we are more than prepared to respond,” Hummer said.

With 500 people injured they may need to send more units to Las Vegas as some trauma victims can use up to 100 units.

And its always needed here in Spokane.

“We always need it. One in seven people entering the hospital needs blood, every three seconds someone in this country relies on blood. We here at Inland Northwest Blood Center need 200 donors every day,” said Hummer.

If you want to donate, the Inland Northwest Blood Center recommends you make an appointment ahead of time. To make the process as quick as possible, fill out the Fast Track Health Sheet before you arrive, and be sure to bring a photo ID.