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Initial list of pot retail license lottery posted

OLYMPIA, Wash. - The state Liquor Control Board has posted the business names and rankings from lotteries for 334 legal marijuana retail licenses, but applicants with a high score still have other requirements they must fulfill if they are to receive the coveted documents required to open their shops this summer.

The list of 1,174 was posted Friday after the 75 lotteries that were held April 21-25.  A favorable rank in the lottery doesn't guarantee a license. Applicants still have to pass a background check, financial investigation and other requirements before any licenses are actually issued. The first retail sales are expected to begin in July.

More than 2,000 people initially applied licenses the state planned to issue under the recreational pot law adopted by voters in 2012. The board began prescreening the applicants in February, and of that number 1,174 applicants were included in the lottery.