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Indian Trail nuisance home may get boarded up

SPOKANE, Wash. - Indian Trail nuisance home may get boarded up

A court will soon decide if a nuisance home in the Indian Trail neighborhood should be boarded up.

On Tuesday, the City of Spokane will request a home on 10100 block of North Seminole be boarded up for at least a year.

In January, police raided the home and arrested owner, 67-year old Marcy Pratt and six others. Inside, police found meth and drug paraphernalia. Marcy denies all the allegations.

Her husband, Joe, is now left picking up the pieces of what was supposed to be their dream home.

"All I wanted was to have a happy life and I did for awhile," Joe Pratt said.

For the past year Joe Pratt has been in a nursing home. He said he wanted to come home but Marcy urged him to stay.

"And one day she says 'I want a young man, you're too old,'" he added.

According to police reports, a few months later, the home became a magnet for violence and drugs.

"She started having wild parties," Joe said.

On Saturday, police and the city attorney allowed Joe to go inside his home to collect his valuables.

His divorce attorney, Karen Schweigert, and other volunteers helped Joe go through the house and pack up a moving truck.

"It is just an absolute nightmare in there," Karen Schweigert said.

"It's been picked over, there is rodent infestation, the piping was removed- probably sold for drugs," she added.

Schweigert said it's hard to believe what Joe's been through.

"It's horrible. It is absolutely unconscionable. Somebody who works all their life, serves his country, goes on starts a business, has a successful business, saves for retirement,buys a beautiful house in a wonderful neighborhood. And then his wife develops an addiction and brings in drug related activity. It's not fair," Schweigert said