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Idaho kids collect school supplies for Hurricane Harvey victims

Idaho kids collect school supplies...

CLARK FORK, Idaho - Tens of thousands of people are still feeling the effects of Hurricane Harvey that tore through the Houston area in August. Now, students in the tiny town of Clark Fork, Idaho are reaching out to help a Houston elementary school get back to normal. 

When the leadership students of Clark Fork High School started raising donations for students in Houston, Texas, they knew they could make an impact. But, no one could have guessed this fundraiser would become as large as it did. 

“I was thinking maybe we'll send a few boxes, you know one box from each school,” said Leadership teacher KC MacDonald. “And now I’m sitting on a pile of 400 pounds... and it turned into something pretty amazing, pretty awesome.”

Those boxes are filled with anything a school could need, including Kleenex, scissors, binders, the whole nine yards.

The fundraiser began through an email KC MacDonald received, asking schools around the country to sponsor other schools affected by Hurricane Harvey. MacDonald knew it was a perfect fit for his leadership students. 

Their goal was to get other schools in their district involved, and see how many supplies they could gather. It didn't take long for those supplies to begin pouring in. 

“I didn't really know how much we were going to get and all of the sudden i had 219 pounds,” said MacDonald. 

No one could have expected so many supplies. MacDonald got a trailer, and decided to get our local veterans involved.  

“It's going to travel through Idaho,” MacDonald said. “You hand it off to the next veteran, you go as far as you can and then the next veteran will take it to the next spot.”

The trek, spanning several states, also inspired a logo created by the young students. It's now going to be a t-shirt they can wear proudly.

Those supplies will be leaving Clark Fork this weekend, on their way heading to Houston, Texas.