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Historic church with storied past torn down following fire

Historic church building with storied...

SPOKANE, Wash. - Smoke billowed out of the former Broadway Baptist Church in downtown Spokane as it burned on Friday.

Onlookers watched as 60 firefighters worked to control the blaze, putting water on the worst of the inferno from extended ladders.
Chief Brian Schaeffer with the Spokane Fire Department says the following day the building had to be torn down because of its risk of collapse.
Following its use as a church the building was bought by Walt Hefner, the name behind the 1992 horror film "The Ghosting". The film was met with somewhat less than rave reviews, but the building itself had its own fans.
"I'm just sad to see it go," said Leah Riley. "It was a great corner piece to the area."
Investigators with the Spokane Fire Department determined that the fire started outside the church, in an area frequented by the homeless before making its way into the church. Investigators found candles and cigarettes scattered on the ground where it originated.
Though the fire was human caused, it has been ruled accidental.