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High winds rip off Cheney family's roof

CHENEY, Wash. - Heavy winds ripped the roof off a home around 8:30 Monday morning on South Cross Road near Cheney.

With a loud boom and what one witness described as static, the roof to the Marlin house peeled off like a lid to a can of sardines. Because of the high winds Monday morning they are trying to find something to replace it but they can't do anything until this wind dies down.

"I got up this morning and sat in my living room praying to God to not have my roof come off," Terri Marlin said.

Roof ripped off

But that's just what happened; 50 mile per hour gusts tore the metal roof off the Marlin family home.

"All of the sudden I hear this big boom and all this static," Tyger Marlin said. "And all I hear is 'Oh my God. The roof is gone.'"

Tyger didn't want to see the damage until her mother got home, and when she finally did there were tears.

"I turn and I see this, well, this. And I'm like, 'Oh my God. My home. The roof to my home is gone," Terri Marlin said.

After surveying the damage came the questions.

"I don't have answers right now. I'm just trying to be logical right now and it's not working," Terri said.

The last year hasn't been an easy one for the Marlin family.

"We were in a very bad position a year ago and people helped us out," Terri explained.

To repay that help the marlins took on animals from people struggling themselves. Those animal pens are now covered with blowing insulation and debris.

"The wind isn't stopping and until the winds stops there's nothing we can do. We can't even get a tarp over the roof until the wind stops," Terri said.

Now the Marlins are back in the same tough spot again, but not without hope.

"God never gives us more than we can handle and when he does he shows us how to take it," she said.

The Red Cross is assisting but the Marlins said the best they can do now is just pray.