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Have your house, family ready for wildfire season

COLBERT, Wash. - Fire wise

Wildfire season isn't over just yet and it's never a bad time of year to get prepared for the next fire season.

Insurance professionals from State Farm and the Northwest Insurance Council stress the importance of educating yourself and protecting your home and family. It begins before an evacuation with initial home preparedness by setting up defensible space around your residence.

"We recommend thirty feet from the property; that means no overhanging trees, that means make sure that there is not debris in the yard or up against the house," Dave Duray said.

You should also start getting ready for next fire season right now; start with making an inventory with a camera or your iPhone of everything in your home. Update it often, giving extra attention to those more expensive items and don't skip anything.

"You could forget items that you had until the next time you go to use it and realize that you don't have it any more you lost it in the fire," Gail Johnson.

Lastly, if you do get evacuated, have things ready, know what you need to take and what you can leave, know where you're going, notify family members and call your insurance company as you might be surprised by how much they can do to help you out.

"People don't realize that your homeowner's policy will actually help when you are part of a mandatory evacuation," Brad Hilliard said. "We can provide some clothing, some shelter, some food, those necessities that you need."