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Harrington shelter in place order lifted after ammonia leak stopped

HARRINGTON, Wash. - Harrington shelter in place order lifted after ammonia leak stopped

The Washington State Patrol reports an ammonia leak from a rail car has been stopped and the shelter in place order in Harrington has been lifted.

Earlier in the afternoon, the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office has ordered people living in around Harrington to shelter in place due to an ammonia leak from a 20,000 gallon rail car filled with aqua ammonia.

Lincoln County Sheriff Wade Magers said his office was notified by Crop Production Services that there was a problem with a valve on a rail car filled with ammonia and ordered  the community to shelter in place, close windows and doors and turn off air conditioning.

The Harrington School District went into a modified lockdown and all students were reported safe and accounted for. Students were held at the school past the 3:05 p.m. release time and parents were asked not to come to the school to pick them up or they would be asked to stay inside the school building until it was safe to go outside.

At 3:45 p.m. the district reported they were releasing all students.

A decontamination unit set up at the Lincoln County Hospital in Davenport for anyone that was outside during the ammonia leak. The hospital said it is treating patients affected by the ammonia leak. Three patients are being treated in Davenport while a fourth has been transported for treatment in Spokane.

The Washington State Patrol, local fire department and the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office established a half mile perimeter around Harrington, preventing anyone from going in or coming out of town. Additionally, State Route 23 was closed from Tokio Road to Harrington and State Route 28 was closed in both directions from Harrington to Davenport.

Once the leak on the ammonia-filled rail car was fixed, the perimeter was lifted and both SR 23 and SR 28 were reopened.