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Garth Brooks superfan battling cancer given ultimate concert surprise

Garth Brooks superfan battling cancer...

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Garth Brooks superfan got a whole lot more than she expected at one of his Sunday shows, when he serenaded her, and gave her his guitar. 

Willie Gilmore says she was perfectly happy just to go to one of her idol's concerts.

“I've listened to him and loved him since I was a little girl,” said Gilmore.

Brooks music has helped the 33-year old through some tough times in her life, especially recently.

“I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer back in April of this year,” said Gilmore.

Over the last few months she's endured surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Sunday's show was a welcome break.

She debated making a sign and the night before decided to go for it.

It read 'livin' with cancer, dyin' to meet Garth.'

“I made it, I took it and had it rolled up in my hand,” said Gilmore. “I didn't know if i was going to use it or not but I had it just in case. “

She was glad she did. Minutes before the show began, she was spotted by a concert promoter.

“He said, well I cant get you to meet Garth, this is as good as I can do and he handed us two tickets to the floor level, right in front of the stage,” said Gilmore.

During the encore, as he played his hit “Standing Outside the Fire,” he sat down in front of Gilmore and placed his hand on her head. 

“I saw his eyes as he sat down and it was just so sincere,” Gilmore said.

It was a once in a life time experience, that was about to get better. Little did she know the biggest surprise of the night was to come. When he finished the song, he walked back over to her and handed Gilmore his guitar.

“He bent down and he told me that he loved me and to never stop fighting and I blew him a kiss and he walked away and I put my hands on my mouth,” said Gilmore. “I couldn't believe what had just happened.”

Willie Gilmore says her prognosis is good. She will be finishing her radiation treatment on November 29. 

Her plans for the guitar? Right now it is not leaving her side. She was given the case for the guitar and says it is her new purse.