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Frozen pipes force Adams Elementary shut down

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Adams frozen pipes

Frozen pipes meant canceled classes at Adams Elementary School in the Central Valley School District Monday as staff members are working through Tuesday to clean up the damage.

If you thought your Monday got off on the wrong foot you haven't been to Adams Elementary where a number of the school's sprinkler heads froze, flooding five classrooms and canceling class.

"Got the call that said 'I got water coming down the walls,'" Adams Elementary Principal Jeff Dufresne said. "You know it was enough to squish when you step in it."

The worst room hit was Mr. Marlow's classroom in room 207.

You can tell both from the inside and the out where ice is built-up on the exterior walls.

"We've got to dry it out, survey the damage, we've got to start to get new material back, curriculum," Dufresne said.

Monday the only noise you could hear coming from the classrooms came from fans drying them out. They'll be on for another day, which means no classes on Tuesday either for the 450 students who attend Adams. Dufresne wants to make sure the rooms are safe for students to use again.

"I think it's really important for our learning environment to make sure that there isn't access moisture that leads to mold and you know further for allergies," he said.

"What we are hoping is you won't notice anything different when you come back, that's what we try to do with these kinds of things, have our school be our school and do the best we can for the kids," Dufresne added.

The school is still assessing the damage but roughly 20 computers were destroyed along with books and other materials.