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From Seattle to Clayton, marijuana stores getting ready to open

From Seattle to Clayton, marijuana stores getting ready to open

SPOKANE, Wash. - Each day Washington grows closer to legal marijuana sales and some business owners are now setting up shop as the liquor control board pushes forward with its investigations.

The success of potential pot store Savage THC in Clayton could all depend on traffic. Not trafficking but traffic on Highway 395, which connects Spokane to Canada.

"I'm trying to suck in the Canadian visitors by telling them it's only 138 clicks (kilometers)," owner Scott Dekay said.

Dekay is currently building the infrastructure for his pot business.

"I'm thinking like a bank style window, maybe with bars or plexiglass, I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet," he said.

Dekay is excited since receiving this letter from the liquor control board stating his application is moving forward.

"My daughter is here for a visit, I don't see her very often, and I just told her, 'This is the best day of my life since you were born,'" he said.

If he passes a background check and financial investigation he could be awarded a license, but there's still a lot of work to do. Counters, signs, security cameras, everything built to the specifications he presented in his application.

"They require a minimum 800-pound safe and if it's less than 1100 pounds it has to be bolted down," Dekay said.

Shops also need a marijuana tracking system like Biotrack THC, which traces pot from seed to sale, and will cost Dekay $6,000.

Expenses for his potential pot shop are rising.

"In the last month, like $9,000, but since we've been paying rent $25,000," he said.

People like Dekay all over the state are starting to set up shop and hoping the traffic starts pouring through the door.

"I'm not in Seattle, or Denver, I'm in Clayton so the chances of becoming rich are slim but I'm in the game," he said.

The liquor control board will also do walkthroughs in the final stages of the licensing process. The first retail marijuana stores are expected to open in July.