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Friedlund sentenced to 10 years in prison

COLVILLE, Wash. - A 79-year-old man who stole nearly a million dollars from a 105-year-old woman was sentenced to 10 years in prison Friday.

John Friedlund was supposed to be taking care of Frances Swan.

"Her one desire in her life was to stay in her own home. She planned and saved to make this possible," said one of Swan's family members.

Friedlund sentenced to 10 years in prison

But she was found living in squaler in her  Kettle Falls home, begging for food. Friendlund was arrested for mistreatment.

"The fact of the matter is, if the court send him to prison, he;s going to live a better life that what he gave her," said Stevens County Prosecutor Lech Radzimsky.

Prosecutors said Friedlund gained power of attorney in 2005 and accessed Swan's $800,000 investment fund. $200,000 was spent taking care of her, he other $600,000 went in wire transfers, cash withdrawls and purchases.

He was charged with one count of theft but Friedlund claims any decision to spend Swan's money was made together.

"I can see that there was no testimony put on by the state either for the moneythat was stolen or that she was not taked care of no evidence provided," said Friedlund.

The jury didn't buy it and convicted him. The judge condemned him for his manipulative actions.

"This is a cruel game you were playing. It was motivated again by your greed," said the judge.

Swan is now 107 years old and still in the Buena Vista Nursing Home.