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Friedlund Arrested On New Theft Charges

COLVILLE, Wash. - A man who was arrested for criminal mistreatment of a 106-year-old Kettle Falls woman in his care has been arrested again, accused of stealing thousands of dollars from her.

John Friedlund is back in jail, accused of stealing thousands of dollars from Francis Swan while he was taking care of her.

Police arrested Freidlund on probable cause for nine counts of theft, with one of those counts being for more than $13,000 allegedly taken from Swan. Prosecutors say the total amount stolen could reach into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

During his arrest Freidlund told officers of his failing health and said he didn't expect to live through the night.

Freidlund is suspected of stealing this money from Swan, the woman he was caretaker for at one point. He is currently facing criminal mistreatment charges in the second degree as well related to his treatment of Swan.

Court documents say Freidlund wasn't feeding Swan and keeping her in a house filled with trash and feces.

In addition to the criminal mistreatment and the nine counts of theft he also faces animal abuse charges related to five horses he owns.