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Freeman High School provides support for students, community

Freeman High School provides support...

ROCKFORD, Wash. - Monday will be a challenging day for the Freeman community. Parents are asked to join their kids in the classroom, for as long as they feel they need to.

A counselor will be in every classroom to answer questions or provide support. Many parents, even grandparents of these students once sat in these classrooms, so making the whole community feel safe is the school's goal.

The Freeman family is already eager to be back together. A community barbeque was held Friday night at the Freeman High School Football Field.

In a press conference Friday, Freeman Superintendent Randy Russell said that he has spoken to both the Strahan and Sharpe families, extending thoughts to them. He could not comment specifically on reports that school counselors knew about notes and possible warning signs, but he did stress that there are guidelines in place for that situation and that staff abide by them.

For now, the focus is on bringing the whole Freeman family together as they continue to grieve, but start to heal.

When they arrive on Monday morning, Russell said they'll be met with a staff tunnel, a familiar Freeman tradition.