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Former teacher jailed for violating no contact order in sex misconduct case

SPOKANE, Wash. - Murphy jailed

A former Shadle Park High School teacher has been jailed after he reportedly tried to contact an alleged victim in his sexual misconduct case in violation of a court order.

Ryan Murphy was in court Wednesday after prosecutors filed a motion claiming he had attempted to contact a victim, in violation of a court order that told him not to make contact with the student. They claim he used the internet twice to attempt to contact the victim.

On the first attempt, Murphy attempted to add the victim as a friend using the Nike Plus Network. When prosecutors were made aware of the contact attempt they got in touch with Murphy's attorney to let him know his client was in violation of the no contact order.

Then, last month, the victim received a message that Murphy was following her activity feed on the digital music service Spotify.

"Not only was he tracking her musical preferences, but by tracking her musical preferences. she gets notice that he's tracking her, the last thing she wants is anything from Ryan Murphy coming across on her computer," Deputy Prosecutor Patrick Johnson said in court Wednesday.

Murphy's defense attorney argued the messages from Murphy were from applications on his computer and that contact with the victim was unintentional.

Judge Pat Monasmith didn't buy the explanation and ruled to revoke Murphy's release from custody and set his bond at $100,000.

Monasmith, who normally serves in Stevens, Ferry and Pend Oreille County, presided over the revocation hearing Wednesday as Murphy's father is a former Spokane Superior Court judge.

By the time Monasmith had issued his order, corrections deputies had already arrived in the courtroom and took Murphy into custody.

Detectives claim that Murphy used his position as a coach and English teacher at Shadle Park to groom one of his students, who was 16 at the time, for his sexual advances.

An investigation found that Murphy had sent the teen hundreds of inappropriate text messages, had taken the girl out on romantic dates and had sex with her at his home.

Murphy resigned his position from the Spokane School District in the wake of a district investigation into his behavior.