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Firefighters continue assault on Carlton Complex fires

Firefighters continue assualt on Carlton Complex fires

CHELAN, Wash. - Firefighters continued their assault on the Carlton Complex fires on Sunday.

Helicopters lifted water from Methow River flying it over the hills to the Libby Creek area.

"We've got fire up here on the hill, we've got developments along Libby Creek, so we're working hard to make a good defensible barrier and protect those structures in there," said fire information officer Alan Hoffmeister.

Fire officials say protection is a major priority today.

"We have dozers on the places where that makes sense, we're doing hand lines in other areas, we're using existing roads, water ways, things that minimize the work," Hoffmeister said.

At Liberty Bell High School in Winthrop a small city has formed; firefighters resting from a long night on the fire lines.

The Carlton Complex still remains one of the top priority resources in the country with firefighters here from as far away as Minnesota.

"Right now, the Pacific Northwest is the hot spot in the nation. We're calling from resources that are closest... that's normally the way we do it. I know there are people hear from Idaho, New Mexico, California, Washington, Oregon..." Hoffmeister said.

The crews will be here for the foreseeable future and more are on the way as the all-out assault continues to get this massive wildfire under control.