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Fire destroys Springdale woman's home

SPRINGDALE, Wash. - 22481172

A Stevens County woman is in the hospital with first degree burns to her hands and face after her home burned to the ground Wednesday night. 

Just before 7 p.m. on Wednesday firefighters received reports of several explosions and a flames coming from a home on the 4300 block of Hesseltine Rd.  

When firefighters arrived a travel-trailer size home was fully engulfed in flames.  

The homeowner, a woman in her 70's, was outside when the fire started.  But, the fire was so intense she suffered burns to her hands and face. 

Firefighters believe the fire started with a propane leak. 

"There was at least two, 150 gallon tanks, half a dozen or so RV sized tanks and probably half a dozen or propane tanks like you'd see on the BBQ," said Captain Jason Gallagher with Stevens County Fire District 1. 

While the woman is expected to be okay, her home is now destroyed.  Red Cross is now stepping in to help the homeowner get back on her feet.