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Fire destroys home and garage in Mead

MEAD, Wash. - Two people are without a place to live after a fire destroyed a home and garage in Mead. 

The fire broke out around 7:30 Monday at the Shenandoah Forest Mobile Home Park. 

Investigators say a man was working on a car in his garage, when something sparked and ignited a fire that sent flames nearly 30 feet into the air. 

The flames quickly engulfed the garage and began spreading to homes on either side. 

Fire officials say the damage could have been much worse if not for a meeting going on at the fire station. 

"It actually augmented our response a little bit at our station at Monroe and 395. We had an officer meeting going so we were able to feed people directly out of that into our response and actually got more of a response than usual for fire district 4," said Howard Johnson, Fire District 4 division chief.

The man's home was damaged badly and he and another person living there are not able to return. A neighbor's home was also damaged. 

No one was hurt.