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Family cleaning up after Spangle creek flooded their home

Family cleaning up after Spangle creek flooded their home

SPANGLE, Wash. - The cleanup continues for a Spangle family after flood waters invaded the lower level of their home, ruining everything it touched last Thursday at the intersection of North Ash St. and East First St. in Spangle.

Days later and Denell Thieren is salvaging what she can from her waterlogged home.

"As you can see this is, you know, a little bit of what things look like," said Thieren.

Last Thursday melting snow and rain overwhelmed the Spangle creek. Within minutes the home was surrounded with water, trapping three of Thieren's children inside.

"And they tried to get out the front door, grab the pets and get out of the front door and water started rushing in, they tried the other doors and couldn't get out," said Thieren.

The kids made it out a window while water invaded the lower level of the house.

"And the water went into up into here and all the, you could see the dirt marks in all the cabinets and then it went into the freezer and the fridge," said Thieren.

Recovery experts say the water contained sewage from upstream, meaning everything it soaked has to go, even the appliances.

"And I've just been taking loads and loads to the Laundromat, hoping to save clothes, the shoes I can't save, I've tried to wear them after they've dried and they stink," said Thieren.

Thieren, who's renting the home, didn't have flood insurance, so friends and family are helping replace the things they can. Her wedding dress is still a maybe. Most of the children's stuff was upstairs and untouched.

Her biggest problem now is finding somewhere to take all the waterlogged items she can't keep. But through it all Thieren says she's taking things in stride.

"It's gonna work. We make things happen," said Thieren.

Any who wishes to help the family can email me at aaronl@kxly.com.