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Families swarm to Green Bluff's Harvest House for fall fun

GREEN BLUFF, Wash. - 22536490

It's a little slice of heaven right here in eastern Washington. If you were to take a look at the parking lot at Beck's Harvest House on a sunny Sunday afternoon, you'd get a little idea of just how popular Green Bluff is this time of year.

"Each Fall Festival is better than the last," says Harvest House owner Todd Beck. "Lots of people come out, want to have a great time, want to come to the farm."

The Harvest House has been in Beck's family for generations. Each year is fun, but each year he has a little worry hidden behind his smiling face. The weather can make or break the festival; If it's an ugly fall many families would stay home, likely putting the Harvest House and the Beck family in the red.

But, today the sun is shining, and if anything, Todd Beck could use an extra acre or two.

"Traffic is an issue a little bit right now, it takes a while to get up here parking is... we're full. There is a lot of people but once you get here and you get parked, the grounds are spacious. So many people have commented on how it doesn't feel crowded." said Beck